Caring for your jewellery

Here are some guidelines for caring for your jewellery.

Silver and gold

The finish on all jewellery will change with wear.  Matt finishes will become more polished and highly polished finishes will scratch and become less shiny.  This will be more noticeable on high wear objects such as rings.  Earrings and necklaces are less likely to be subjected to heavy wear and will therefore take longer to change.  Silver is prone to tarnishing and if you need to clean your jewellery, please avoid silver dips as these may discolour silver further.  For shiny finishes use a little concentrated washing up liquid with an old toothbrush.  Matt and frosted finishes respond well to toothpaste, also applied with an old toothbrush. If your piece of jewellery has a patina or is oxidised (black) then all that is needed is a soft cloth to restore the sheen.

Semi-precious Stones 

To avoid kinks, (which are not repairable) in necklaces and bracelets please keep your jewellery in the box provided.  Avoid spraying perfume and hairspray near stones.  Pearls are particularly sensitive to this and will become irreversibly damaged if exposed to such chemicals.  Clasps may be cleaned with a silver cleaning cloth and buffed with a duster to remove any residue.  Do not use silver dip, any other chemical agent or immerse in water, as the cable on which the stones are strung will rust.

The nice thing about Aluminium is that it doesn't tarnish, so if it ever needs cleaning just use a soft cloth and some soapy water. If the piece is Aluminium and Silver use a silver cloth on the silver. Please note immersion in silver cleaning liquids may remove colour from the aluminium.